Ark Flood and Dam Resources specializes in manufacturing industrial coated fabric products.

Proprietary products include rapidly deployable flood mitigation, cofferdam systems and air inflated culvert plugs.

These products are all designed specifically to mitigate, reduce or eliminate the environmental impact and consequences from commercial and industrial construction activities, floods, and spills.

Ark Flood and Dam is also pleased to offer custom industrial fabrics manufacturing for oil and gas, agriculture and construction.

The Double Dam features a single internal stabilizing panel to provde safety and stability for all sizes up to 4’ (1.2m) high.

The Triple Dam features two internal stabilizing panels to provide safety and stability for all sizes from 3’ (0.9m) up to 8’ (2.4m) high.

Air Bung features air-inflatable plugs made of heavily coated, reinforced PVC fabric, are used for blocking the passage of water and other liquids through culverts and pipes.